How to Find a Platonic Sugar Daddy

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To identify a platonic sugar daddy, you will have to present yourself in both friendly and flirtatious ways. Unlike the friends with benefits method, you're in a casual relationship without having emotional feelings leading to real commitments. Here, however, emotional and some physical aspects but sex is not among them.

Offline Places Where You Can Find Platonic Sugar Daddies

English Language Schools

This is an ideal place to find a strictly platonic sugar daddy. The English language schools are the best location to start with. Search for schools near you that teach English language classes for high-level employees and look for a job here as an English language coach and discussion professional. All the international students who come for these classes are in these countries alone and want to explore the country more.

Besides getting a perfect platonic sugar daddy, you'll learn about his country's tradition and information. You'll have to love your job, or he'll know that you're not truthful. By taking him shopping, you also benefit from the local entertainment spots in a logical way to form the relationship. He may even go with you to his native country if you act smart.

Meeting up with Single Dads

There are different ways to find a platonic sugar daddy. Search for dads who are willing to fall for this game. Working as a baby sitter for single dads is an excellent way if you're wondering how to get a platonic sugar daddy. Smile flirtatiously and promise to assist him substantially with duties you don't necessarily need to assist him with. Take a tiny teddy bear at a store and see his reaction. If he doesn't pay for it, pay for it yourself. Being genuine is the main factor in any platonic sugar daddy relationship. If your sugar daddy finds out you are not genuine, it may end your relationship.

Country Club

If you are still wondering how to find a platonic sugar daddy, the country club is another place. See if you can become a member and if it’s impossible, search for any job there. Some country clubs provide babysitting services, which are mostly an easy way to find the kid's rich fathers. The golf course may also be your sugar play area if you so much want it.

Online Places to find a platonic sugar daddy

Places to find a platonic sugar daddy

There are plenty of platonic sugar daddy dating sites online, and the best are listed here. Due to the enormous user base, it there may be many unserious daddies, so you need to be careful. Therefore, we recommend you choose the paying option so that getting a potential platonic sugar daddy becomes easier. Also, use the free instant messaging options and chat with prospective daddies as you ignore the joking type.

To make your platonic sugar daddy happy, buy him a gift. The best gifts are those that they use daily or even more than one time a day. It can be something he cherishes or anything that will make his life better. It will make him feel nice, and whenever he uses the gift, he will feel happy to have you in his life.

Before the first date with a strictly platonic sugar daddy, you can talk about your allowances, the payment method to use like cash only, credit card, check PayPal, or gifts. Whether he'll assist with college tuition, your availability when to meet, and the place and for what period. Ask him what he expects from you. Also, know if you are on the same page before you commit your time with each other so that no one gets disappointed. Remember to go alone on such dates as it will be your first date with plenty to discuss. Avoid discussing negative things on the first date. Be yourself and discuss everyday things like hobbies, the weather, your surroundings, and general topics.

It is OK to ask for financial assistance from a platonic sugar daddy. All you need to do is remind him that he has been of great help and be thankful to show how your life has improved. The proceeds and state that you need some assistance to handle a specific situation and be truthful.